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Nano-Fat Transfer

Nano-Fat Transfer

The primary goal of nano-fat grafting is to derive stem cells from adipose tissue. Thus, that tissue then gets transferred into air-light capsules in a closed system and thinned out (using special filters) so that it can pass through a 0.7 mm cannula. Meanwhile, the viable fat cells get fractionated. Here, the goal is to obtain a rich structure from the resulting mesenchymal stem cells. The emulsion obtained via filtering contains abundant stem cells, cytokines (which boost your growth factor), and cells that heal you – it however doesn’t contain adipose cells.

The obtained nano-fat is then applied to your face to make it look fuller.

The area to be treated is numbed beforehand so that you can have a comfortable procedure. Next, your dense stem cells, growth factors, and healing cells (that support the stem cells) are transferred to your body using blunt thin cannulas. Once the cells have been fully transplanted, they’ll immediately begin to repair damaged tissues, replace ruptured ligaments, and support cells in their new environment. The result is skin that is of higher quality, shinier, spot-free, full of color, and younger-looking. 

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    Areas Of Application

    • Any spotted, damaged, or poor areas on your skin
    • Acne scar cavities – to heal your skin
    • Your skin in general – to boost cell quality and rid your eyes of dark circles
    • Your scalp – to strengthen hair follicles
    • Any area where your skin is thin – neck and upper eyelid.

    When Can I See The Results?

    You will begin to see the results 2 to 6 months after the procedure – the cells need time to adapt to their new environment first. You’ll be able to observe full results up 18 months later – depending on how your skin structure is like.

    If you have three sessions done (at certain intervals), you’ll have even better results!


    Nano-fat stem cell transfer:

    • Boosts your stem cells, growth factors, and the cells supporting your stem cells
    • Revitalizes and recovers to your face – without giving it extra volume.
    • Offers other advantages as provided by the stem cells themselves
    • Gets rid you of excess fat and boosts your curves and body shape – if planned together with liposuction.
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