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Operation Period
30 min - 1 Hour
1-2 Days
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period


Hydrafacial is a multifunctional device that features special caps and solutions depending on what your skin needs. It works by thoroughly cleaning the subcutaneous tissues of your skin with a vacuum.

Why Hydrafacial

Our skin absorbs everything from car exhaust to cigarette smoke, dust, and make-up. When we wash our face, we only remove the surface dirt and dust off of our skin. Alas, dirt and harmful chemicals can accumulate in your skin’s subcutaneous layers, thus leading you to develop acne, blackheads, a poor appearance, and skin with opened pores. That, in turn, causes your skin to age faster and develops spots!

Hydrafacial is a type of vacuum featuring special caps and solutions. It helps heal acne and inflammation by bringing deep acne and inflammations closer to the surface of the skin for retraction/elimination in the next session. It also gets rid your skin of dirt close to the surface by detaining it a special chamber.

Hydrafacial smooths out fine wrinkles and tightens skin – giving your face a brighter and healthier glow. Likewise, it suppresses hyperpigmentation by eliminating any color inequalities on your skin.

Hydrafacial also opens, cleans, and closes your pores in a healthy manner, thus preventing your skin from accumulating dirt again and tightening your skin.

Towards the end of the procedure, led therapy is applied to provide an anti-aging effect to your skin.

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Ask The Doctor...

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    It all depends on what your needs are – every person has a different skin structure. A preliminary analysis of skin is made by Dr. Ozsular. Some require the procedure to be done every 15 to 20 days, others need it done every 30 days. In general, intervals after the initial sessions tend to be short, but may get longer afterwards.

    Yes – that is, if you don’t suffer from any hormonal problems underlying acne and pustules, and pay attention to products you use and watch your diet. Regular sessions can cut acne and pustules by 85 to 95%.

    Anyone who is allergic to shellfish, sulfur, or aspirin shouldn’t undergo this procedure.

    Yes, so long as you also wear high-factor sunscreen if you go outside, and so long as you avoid sunlight for one day after the session.

    No, you shouldn’t wear any makeup on the day of the procedure. If, for whatever reason, you absolutely have to wear make up, do so 4 hours after the procedure and use light make up only.

    No, hydrafacial is not painful, as vacuum is applied to your skin. You won’t develop ache either. There are no injections or incisions.

    Anyone above 15 can undergo hydrafacial.

    Those aged between 15 and 18 years require consent from their families first. At that age range, the procedure is meant for therapeutic purposes only.

    If you’ve already received treatment for acne, then you can undergo hydrafacial 6 to 9 months after you’ve completed treatment. You should consult with your doctor first to plan out and follow your treatment up.

    For the first couple days, your skin will take on a bright pink tone. As soon as it heals, your face will look healthy, clean, bright, and vivid.

    If you are coming to us for skin problems, then we recommend that you undergo between 4 and 6 sessions. If you are coming for us for long-term skin care and cleansing, then your sessions should be booked at wider and regular intervals.

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