Face Filler Operation | Dr. Yavuz Özsular

Facial Filler

Cream / Local
Operation Period
15-20 min
3 Days
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period

Where Do You Have The Facial Filler Apply, And For What Purposes?

We can apply facial fillers to your:

Cheekbones – leaving you with prominent and dynamic cheekbones when you smile

Cavities beneath your eyes – to eliminate ecchymosis, make your eyes look less tired, and younger and more vibrant

Cavities around your upper eyelids – giving you more youthful and lively expression

Fine wrinkles around your eyes – giving you a younger and smoother appearance

Regionally – to eliminate minimal sagging on the face

Mouth, to reduce the unveiled lines; and along your cheek line if unveiled, to give you a better and smoother appearance

Thin lips – to make them fleshier and give them shape

Fine wrinkles on and around your lips – to smooth them out

Gonion and jawline to give them exact transitions

Wrinkles on your forehead – to make it look younger and smoother

Eyebrows – to give them shape and expression

Any minor deformities on/around your nose

Nasal tip of your nose (if it has a slight incline) – to lift it and give it proportion

Eyebrows – to reduce the number of lines between them, and make you look less nervous

Scars and acne – to eliminate them

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