Stem Cell-Enriched Fat Transfer - Dr. Yavuz Özsular

Stem Cell-Enriched
Fat Transfer

Operation Period
2-3 Hours
5 Days
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period

Stem Cell-Enriched Fat Transfer

First, your fat will get filtered and centrifuged. Only the stem-cell rich fat will then be transferred back to your body via fat grafting. If your skin has lost its quality and volume, then both procedures will be done at the same time.

More detailed liposuctions may be planned if a higher quantity of fat needs to get extracted.

Kök Hücreden Where Is Stem Cell-Rich Fat Often Transfered To?

Stem-cell rich fat can be transferred to your face, neck/decollete, scalp, breasts, legs, butt (Brazilian butt lift), vagina/penis, or the top of your hands.

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