Widely Held MisConceptions | Dr. Yavuz Ozsular

Widely Held Misconceptions

Botox is snake venom.

Botox (or botulinum toxin) is a toxin obtained from clostridium botulinum, a type of bacteria.

Botox paralyzes and kills your muscles.

Botox shows its effect (i.e. flask paralysis, loose stroke) by preventing the release of substances (neurotransmitters) that provide transmission at the nerve ends and blocking their transmission.

Botox renders you unable to move your face.

Botox – when administered by experienced doctors to the right points and in the right dosages – eliminates wrinkles only. It does not freeze your face!

Any commercial drug can be used as Botox.

In Turkey, specialists use only FDA-approved Botox® and Dysport®

Anyone can administer Botox as soon as they learn how to, where, and in what doses.

Everybody’s facial anatomy is different. Only a specialist can assess where on your particular face/muscles to administer. Botox should only be done by an experienced specialist.

Botox, when administered in excessive doses, will not harm my face/body.

Any overdose of Botox is harmful. It is important that the specialist get the dosage exact.

Aesthetic sutures don’t cause scars.

In the literature, there is no such thing as an “aesthetic suture.” However, some sutures are thin, and can be carefully applied to your bodily tissues via appropriate techniques. Such sutures cause minimal scarring and heal relatively quickly.

I can lose weight by liposuction.

Liposuction only shapes body; it does not cause you to lose weight. It rids your body of regional lipoidosis and gives it a proportional form.

You cannot breastfeed again after you’ve undergone breast reduction surgery.

You can breastfeed due to the reason that your mammary glands are preserved. Due to the loss of your breast tissues, breastfeeding will be slightly less than your potential breastfeed amount.

Inverted spiloma can cause cancer.

Having the doctor remove spimola won’t pose any risks to your health.

I cannot breastfeed after I have silicone implants done.

Silicone implant is generally placed beneath the muscles, and thus doesn’t even come into contact your mammary glands. So yes, you can continue to breastfeed after surgery.

The newest (surgical) methods are the best methods when it comes to plastic surgery.

Only the most accurate method is the best method that fits your needs and produces visible long-term results. A method’s age doesn’t dictate whether it is more or less successful.

I want plastic surgery to look more attractive for others.

Plastic surgery prevents aging.

Plastic surgery prevents aging.

No plastic surgery can either stop the aging process, or time.

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