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Whilst the definition of what the ideal face is may change, there is only one ideal face for us: one that integrates your expression with your features, matches your features and organs, and suits you best.

Thus, you shouldn’t choose an ideal nose, ideal eyes, or ideal cheek. You should choose a nose, eyes, or cheeks that suit you.

Bichectomy (cheek aesthetics) is a very popular procedure. It is also known as Hollywood or Nefertiti cheek surgery.

Bichectomy are ideal for people whose cheeks have deformed due to genetic factors, aging, weight gain, or excess lipoidosis.

Bichectomy removes the fat that causes your cheeks to sag via a 1-cm incision on the inside of your mouth.

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Ask The Doctor...

    Anyone (male or female) over 18 with excess fat on their cheeks.


    • (If a woman) Shapes your chin and cheek line and gives you a gentler, younger, and more attractive appearance.
    • (If a man) Shapes your chin and cheek lines around a masculine facial structure to make your face look younger, clearer, and sharper.
    • Leaves behind no visible scars or incisions (the incision is made on the inside of your mouth)

    During your examination, Dr. Ozsular will assess your age, how thick your skin is, how much fat your cheeks have, how saggy your cheeks are, and where your lipoidosis is, if you have any. He’ll also examine your medical history, check out your overall health, and ask you whether you’re on any medications (including vitamin).

    Then, he’ll examine the cheeks and review all the details.

    Next, after he detects the existing problems, he’ll photograph you from different angles, make calculations, and come up with an ideal cheek that’ll match your facial structure. Last, he’ll give you a preview of what the results may look like.

    If you take aspirin or any form of anticoagulant, tell Dr. Ozsular and continue only if he tells you to do so as they will increase the amount of bleeding.

    Try to reduce how much salt you consume as well a few days before the surgery. This will reduce your risk of developing edema.

    This procedure tends to be done mostly under local anesthesia. Thus,

    You can come to the hospital on a full stomach.

    You should not wear any metal  (rings, necklaces, earrings, piercings).

    There is no detailed preparation process before the surgery.

    Don’t wear wigs or hair gel.

    On the day of the surgery, you will be taken to your room to rest for half an hour before the procedure. Your final preparations for the surgery will be conducted. Dr. Ozsular and his assistant will come and visit you.

    Next, you’ll be taken to the operating room. The doctor will begin shaping your cheeks as soon as you’re placed under anesthesia (local anesthesia).

    Last, the doctor will photograph your new cheeks and do your dressing by using thin tapes.

    The effect of anesthesia will last for another 3 to 4 hours, so you will not feel pain. You will experience slight pain afterwards, but it won’t affect your daily life. By using the analgesics prescribed by your doctor, you can have a comfortable post-operative period.

    You will develop slight edema 2 to 3 hours after the surgery – this is normal, and it will subside five days later.

    If you feel okay, you can go straight home or back to your hotel after the surgery.

    We’ll remove your bandages 3 days after the surgery. Since the incision is made in your mouth, you’ll be able to take warm showers as of day one. The sutures are dissolvable and thus won’t need to be removed.

    Pay attention to your oral hygiene. Also, use whatever drugs Dr. Ozsular has prescribed to you, including gargling out your mouth.

    You’ll be able to return to your normal routine three days after the surgery, and enjoy your new cheeks. You will develop swelling and edema for the first 3 to 4 days – this is normal and temporary.

    You can go for little walks/strolls within the first five days. Beyond that, don’t exercise or do any intensive sports. You can start doing light sports and exercises seven days later.

    Try to protect your cheeks from any impact for the first month.

    A sufficient amount of fat will be taken from the right places. If someone experienced does the job, your cheeks will look sufficiently fuller and attractive.

    How much edema you develop depends on the nature of your body, and on how much water and salt you consume. It subsides approximately within 2 to 3 months. For some people this period takes longer; for others, shorter.

    Yes, it can. In case you request another surgery together with this procedure, your doctor can plan both depending on your health status and the combined implementation of both operations.

    Yes, but it depends on how much fat has been taken, and how much would be transferred. That said, whilst not a lot of fat can be extracted from cheeks, it can be transplanted into your face, beneath your eyes, beneath your wrinkles (if fine), and into your cheekbones given that stem cells are valuable.

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