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Micro Fat Transfer

Micro Fat Transfer

If Dr. Ozsular, upon examining you, tells you that micro fat transfer is right for you based on your needs and expectations, the next step is to determine the type of anesthesia you need and to prepare you for surgery.

Under appropriate anesthesia conditions, fat is taken from your body (where – is decided during an examination) using special 1.2  – 1.5 mm-thick cannulas and then transferred to air-tight capsules in a closed system. Centrifuging and filtering settings are specially adjusted for the micro fat transfer. Small fat grafts are grown to an ideal size and volume after purification. The fats obtained from your body aren’t large, and thus don’t cause agglomeration and roughness under your skin. They are not very small either, and thus will give your volume and fullness, and fill your problematic cavities.

Micro fat grafts are often applied to the top of people’s hands, nasolabial area, forehead, chin, and cheekbones to give them volume.

When micro fat transfer is applied to skin that has lost its volume, we can feed it with subcutaneous volume and stem cells from fat to bring it back to life. Since your own tissue bonds and adapts with other tissues in your body, natural harmony gets achieved in contour transitions.

The body absorbs a part of the transferred fat. The remaining 40 to 60% of that fat remains under your skin for a long time afterwards.

Stem cells repair your tissues and renew your cells. As soon as they adapt to their new environment, they detect subcutaneous damages and fix them.

Risks of tissue rejection and allergy are very low because your own cells are being used.

Micro fat injection is most effective when done over three sessions.

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Ask The Doctor...

    Small But Important Details

    Fat transfer needs to be done in a closed system to ensure that your stem cells survive. Stem cells lose their vitality in the methods where fat is left open.

    The thickness of the liposuction cannula, volume of the fat, and how the fat has been purified all are indispensable for obtaining successful and satisfactory results.


    All the benefits provided by the stem cells,:

      • Gives your face more natural contours
      • Uses your own tissue and cells
      • Feeds your blood vessels and tissues in their new environment
      • Supports and recovers the cells in the transfer area
      • Regenerates your subcutaneous fat tissue naturally
      • Give you a curvier body and rid you of unwanted fat – if planned with liposuction
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