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The Hospital Where Your Surgery Will Take Place & Controls

The Hospital Where Your Surgery Will Take Place

Turkish hospitals are among some of the best in the world in terms of both standards and equipment.

Your surgeries will take place at well-equipped private hospitals that are authorized and regularly audited by the Turkish Ministry of Health, and that have a Health Tourism certificate. The city of Istanbul is a major center of attention for Health Tourism. Hundreds of people visit Istanbul/Turkey every day from around the world to have their surgeries done successfully at our fully-furnished hospitals. They moreover turn their resting periods into mini-vacations, and return home as happy as clams!

The private hospitals in question are subject to the strictest of audits and rules. including but not limited to the following standards:

  • Environment: Must contain green areas, parking lots, transit links; no exposure to noise, air, or water pollution
  • Patient rooms: Must be designed for your health, hygiene, comfort, and privacy; must be suitable for disabled patients and have suitable bathrooms/washbasins
  • Intensive care: Must be equipped to closely monitor you and give extra care in case of emergency
  • Nurse stations: Must be equipped to provide you with outstanding and immediate care; must have a paging system for patient contact (installed in the patient’s room and the station.)
  • Operating rooms/theaters: There must be an operation bed in every room ready for surgery and one patient must be operated. Operating rooms must meet European standards in terms of corridor and room widths, fully sterile indoors, state-of-the-art technology, sufficient amount of auxiliary staff and nurses, hepa-filtered air conditioning systems, and more.
  • Emergency units: Must be equipped with everything to emergencies 24/7.


You may need to stay in hospital for 1 or 2 nights after surgery. You’ll be discharged with any medications and orders prescribed by Dr. Ozsular. Your initial control date varies according to the surgery. You should remain in Istanbul until you pass that.

You will be dressed and monitored during your first check-up. Should no problems, you’ll be able to go home. All controls thereafter may be conducted online or by returning to Istanbul. We do recommend that at least one of these controls be done in person.

Your next controls may even turn into a second holiday! By then, you’ll have fully recovered so that you then can travel as you wish, with your new body/face.

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