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Under-Eye Light Filler

Anesthetic cream/local a.
Operation Period
15 min
1-2 Days
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period

Under-Eye Light Filler

Under-eye light fillers are special technique used to smooth out the collapsed areas, cavities, dark circles, and purple spots under your eyes. The filler used in this procedure is a special complex containing multivitamins and hyaluronic acid.

Why Do I Need Under-Eye Light Filler?

Some people don’t have sufficient under-eye tissues, and have a lot of veins. This lack of tissue can cause one to have collapsed appearance. Moreover, the structures of the veins and skin can give it a dark appearance.

Dark circles and collapses under the eye are distracting. Many patients complain that they have to cover them up with concealers and make-up to prevent people from asking them whether they’re sick or tired, or from them commenting that they don’t look well. To eliminate this, then one needs to have under-eye light fillers done.

How Does Under-Eye Light Filler Smooth Out The Problem?

Multi-vitamins and hyaluronic acid support your collagen production, and lighten up your skin tone by enhancing your skin’s quality.

Hyaluronic acid, moreover, fills your cavities and wrinkles, and enhances your overall appearance.

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Ask The Doctor...

    How Is Under-Eye Light Filler Applied?

    First, we clean application area and anesthetize it with a local anesthetic, allowing you to have a comfortable procedure. We then apply the filler by entering your cheek with a blunt cannula so fill the area around eye(s) slowly and give a form to your bone. Why a blunt cannula, you ask? – because, it does not penetrate your capillaries and thus won’t bruise you (bruising is very rare).

    How Long Does The Process Take?

    The procedure takes between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

    Can I Return Work Immediately After The Procedure? When Can I Return Back To My Normal Life?

    Yes, you can return back work and carry on with your normal life immediately after the procedure.

    What Is The Permanence Of Under-Eye Light Filler?

    Under-eye fillers last for 6 and 12 months. This, of course, depends on the structure of your skin and on how long it takes your body to degrade the hyaluronic acid.

    When Will I See The Results Of Under-Eye Light Filler?

    You’ll see the full effects of the light filler one week after the procedure – that is the application area will have fully recovered, and your face will have restored itself. If you have the treatment done three times with 1-month interval, you will get even more effective results!

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