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Neck Beautification

Neck Beautification

Neck represents elegance and naivety for women. A thin, elegant, and smooth neck makes you look young and chic. A neck that looks fat, jowl-shaped, and saggy, wrinkly makes you look older.

You can mask a part of your body; however, you can’t hide aging marks and deformations on your face and neck.

Neck represents strength for men. Having a well-built, strong, tight, well-defined, and smooth neck makes you look younger and more dynamic. A saggy, fat, and wrinkled neck makes you look older and as though you’ve neglected yourself.

Neck beautification makes your neck beautiful again through a combination of different procedures – sometimes in stages and based on your needs.

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Ask The Doctor

    Some plastic procedures bring out your beauty and preserve your youth.


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    During the examination, Dr. Ozsular will first listen to your expectations and complaints and examine the thickness of your skin along with subcutaneous fat tissues, and the level of sagging and wrinkling. Next, he will decide on what the best treatment option is for you based on your age, gender, expectations, and deformation.

    Neck beautification can include numerous non-surgical or surgery-based treatment methods.

    Non-surgical methods;

    • Botox,
    • Fillers,
    • Hydrafacial,
    • Endolift laser,
    • Golden needle radiofrequency,
    • Mesotherapy & vitamin applications,

    Surgical methods;

    • Stem cell transfer for rejuvenation,
    • Stem cell-rich fat transfer,
    • Jowl liposuction,
    • J plasma,
    • French lift,
    • Neck lift,

    Neck beautification offers you:

    A holistic approach to your problems to give you a younger-looking neck,

    A choice of appropriate and ideal procedures for your age,

    A choice of multiple and combined procedures to enhance results,

    A younger, timeless neck .

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