Sweating Botox

Cream / Local
Operation Period
30 min
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period

Sweating Botox

Sweating botox terminates secretion from your hyperactive sweat glands. It is a safe application when performed by experienced specialists.

It takes approximately 15 and 20 minutes to complete the application in a single site.

Given that the injection sites have a more sensitive skin structure, sweating botox is a slightly more painful procedure than other types of botox injection. Thus, anesthetic creams are applied to the area before the procedure takes place.

The most effective period is the first 6 months for this type of botox. Thereafter, its effect wears off. Its permanence increases in repeated applications.

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Ask The Doctor...

    Where Is The Sweating Botox Applied?

    Botox is applied to patients who have problems with their palms, armpits, and the soles of their feet.

    Palms And Soles: Some people’s palms sweat abnormally; thus, such people always suffer from sweaty hands, and consequently struggle shaking other’s hands, writing, and even driving. Likewise, those who suffer from excessively sweaty soles tell us that their feet are wet all day long and they have odor problems – noting that both have a negative effect on their day-to-day lives.

    Armpit: People who live in warm places during summer and want to sweat as little as possible tend to request armpit sweat botox. After Botox is injected in small dosages at numerous sites in the armpit in order to reduce the activation of the sweat glands, thus preventing excessive sweating. Those who receive this treatment often say that they prefer to have it done in May or June and they have a very comfortable summer until autumn.

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