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Thigh Lift

Operation Period
1-2 Hours
15-20 Days
Hospital Stay
1 Night
Dressing Period
10-14 Days
4-6 Weeks

Thigh Lift

Even if you lose a large amount of weight, it’ll be a long and difficult road for your body to fully heal. Excess weight stretches your skin. When you lose the fat under it, then your skin sags, deforms, and appears larger than you actually are. Imaging a person with a small or medium body size wearing extra or super extra large clothes. This both harms your appearance and causes your legs to rub against one another when you walk. It can also cause diaper rash, excessive sweating, and irritation when summer comes around.

 Thigh lift treats wavy, excess skin and deformations in your upper legs –caused by excessive weight loss or gain, plus an irregular diet.

Thigh lift is the removal of excess skin and fat-sagging appearance in order to eliminate the deformations in the upper leg. Your scars will be hidden beneath your underwear line on your inner thigh and in a part of the inner thigh so the effect of the surgery is most visible on the inner thighs.

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Ask The Doctor...

    Who Benefits From This Surgery?

    Thigh lift is an operation planned for the patients, who have lost large amounts of weight. The main purpose of this operation is to provide an esthetic appearance by recovering the patient from excess skin – thus making their day-to-day lives a bit easier.

    Generally speaking, this surgery is done on anyone older than 40 to treat their saggy thighs/inner leg and their skin of the inner thigh that has gained volume downwards.

    The risk of thrombosis is questioned by examining your family history and the examinations and tests requested before the surgery. Unfortunately, if you or your family have a history of thrombosis, then this surgery isn’t for you.

    Will This Surgey Leave Behind Scarring?

    Yes it will. Surgeries that focus on removing excess skin are incision based – hence, scars are inevitable. However, as the aim of plastic surgeries is to make you look more attractive, your scars will be skillfully hidden beneath your skin folds and your underwear lines, and thus will be barely noticeable.

    In this procedure, the scar occurs right where your legs meet your underwear – and in your inner thigh.

    The above said, the more deformations you have, the more surgical intervention you’ll need, and thus the more scars you’ll have.

    Planning Liposuction With Thigh Lift

    If you have fat on your inner thigh or outer thigh, then having a thigh lift plus liposuction will make your outcome more successful. In other words, better shaped, curvier thighs!

    Liposuction also prevents regional lipoidosis, and thus helps the operated region retain its form in the long run.

    Advantages Of Body Shaping, Thigh Lift And Liposuction All At Once

    If you have a thigh lift, liposuction, and body shaping done all at once, you will:

      • Have a reshaped body. No more non-proportional contours.
      • Gain a more assertive and esthetic appearance. You can’t go wrong with three surgeries in one!
      • Have curvier, more attracted legs and hips.
      • Enjoy long term results – no more subcutaneous regional lipoidosis!
      • Have a lighter body now that your excess, saggy, uncomfortable skin is gone.

    Can Thigh Lift Be Done With Other Plastic Surgeries?

    Yes – in post-bariatric thigh lift operations performed after bariatric surgery, the age, blood values, recovery process, health status of the patient and the extent and the duration of the operation are important and all these factors are more sensitive than other patients. Your doctor may plan additional procedures if your general health status and examinations allow. Small local procedures can be included in the operation process.


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