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Mini Abdominoplasty

Operation Period
1-2 Hours
10 Days
Hospital Stay
2 Nights
Dressing Period
5 Days
4 Weeks

Mini Abdominoplasty

Mini abdominoplasty is an operation that repairs muscle and skin deformations (which can caused by any number of reasons) in your lower abdomen and restores its esthetically.

Dr. Ozsular will first examine you to decide whether you need a full or mini abdominoplasty. The difference between these two procedures lies in the degree and place of deformation in your abdomen.

Mini abdominoplasty is ideal for anyone whose lower abdomen (i.e. the part beneath the umbilicus) is deformed. First, your skin will be cut from your lower abdomen (for women – the cesarean section) and excess skin is removed. If abdominal muscles are damaged, then they’ll get repaired as well by tightening and converging it. If required, liposuction is performed and excess fat in the abdomen is removed, so making the region more esthetic.. Last, your abdomen will be closed with thin sutures. Your scar will be hidden beneath your underwear.

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Ask The Doctor...

    Why Mini Abdominoplasty?

    People (women and men alike) who need an abdominoplasty generally suffer from abdominal sagging alongside both deformed and weak abdominal muscles due to frequent weight gain and loss.

    Excessive alcohol consumption can lead you to develop lipoidosis in your abdominal area or “beer belly,” which too in turn weakens your abdominal muscles. Although you diet and exercise to rid of this, some skins won’t recover entirely and you may be left with a slight amount of sagging. The mini abdominoplasty can help you rid of this memory.

    If you’ve had multiple pregnancies, your abdominal skin will automatically stretch. Your lower abdomen stretches even further towards your final months before you give birth. Some people’s skin has high elasticity and thus can tolerate it. Other people aren’t so lucky – their skin in that area may crack and deform especially in lower abdominal area. After birth, some women’s abdomen recovers and goes back to being flat again; but others’ skin goes saggy and takes on a folded appearance.

    Differences Between Mini Abdominoplasty And Full Abdominoplasty

    During mini abdominoplasty, your excess skin is removed from your lower abdominal area. If required, your muscles in that area get repaired as well. Mini abdominoplasty is a minimal operation than its full counterpart. It is ideal for those who suffer from mild deformation.

    Full abdominoplasty also reshapes your umbilicus and stretches your whole abdomen. It’s a much more complicated procedure and ideal for those who suffer from larger/serve abdominal deformation.


    Mini abdominoplasty will:

    • Give you a tighter and more voluminous abdomen by repairing its muscles and also compact and organize your internal organs.
    • Free your abdomen of excess skin (a burden on both your waist and body).
    • Make your abdomen smoother and make your waist curvier (if you’re a woman.) Having more feminine lines will give you self-confidence and the freedom to wear whatever you want.
    • (For men) – Give you a more chiseled abdominal and waist line. If you do sports, you’ll gain even more muscle, thus enhancing your results all the better!


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