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360 Body Lift

Operation Period
3-4 Hours
20 Days
Hospital Stay
2 Days
Dressing Period
14 Days
4-6 Weeks

360 Body Lift

Your skin expands due to fat layer accumulated under heavy weights. After your lose weight (with bariatric surgery or diet), your skin is too large for your weak body. Patients who lose heavy weights are concerned about excess skin. Even if exercising, dieting for a long time, and strengthening the muscles somewhat are effective, they still may end up with excess skin remains. The only way to solve this is post-bariatric and post-obesity surgery.

If you struggle buying close, doing daily activities, exercising, and maintaining your private lives, then you need 360 body lift.

360 body lift surgery is also known as a waist lipectomy (in English). When you lose large amounts of weight, the skin around your waist, back, and butt sag and deform. 360 body lifts attempt to correct these by shaping all three areas (waist, abdomen, and butt) at one – treating them as a whole unit.

Who Benefits From This Surgery?

The 360 body lift is ideal for anyone who has lost large amounts of weight, wants to look better, and wants to rid of their excess skin – thus making daily life easier.

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Ask The Doctor...

    360 vucut germe

    360 body lift features a full abdominoplasty. Then, your body will be stretched 360 degrees from your lower underwear area – whilst removing excess skin on your back and butt simultaneously.

    Yes, it will, but they will be below your waist close to your underwear.

    How fast and how well your scars heal depends on your body’s own nature and on how well you live. Moreover, using anti-scar creams, drinking lots of water, smoking, leading a healthy diet, stress, and genetics can all affect that.

    Yes, it is, if you don’t gain too much weight after surgery.

    If you gain a large amount of weight, then your skin will stretch and expand again due to subcutaneous adiposity.

    If you get pregnant after surgery, then you should allow yourself only to gain as much weight as your doctor approve.

    If any deformation occurs during pregnancy, it is possible to make minor interventions to the abdomen after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Your abdomen, waist, and back will be shaped 360 degrees. If you have any excess subcutaneous fat, that fat will/can be removed via liposuction – giving your body cleaner lines and a more striking appearance.

    Inclusion of liposuction in this surgery makes the results more successful, more striking, and outlasting.

    If you have both procedures done at once, you will:

    • Gain a proportional body with even contours.
    • Gain a more assertive and more esthetic appearance – two surgeries are better than one
    • Enjoy a curvier, more attractive waist, smoother back, and tighter, curvier butt.
    • Long-lasting results – no more subcutaneous regional adiposity!
    • Have a lighter body now that your excess, saggy, uncomfortable skin is gone.

    Yes, and up 3 to 7 kg, due to a loss of excess skin. However, this and other liposuction operations are not conducted for weight loss. Rather, the aim of 360 body lift is to shape the bodies of the patients, who lost weight.

    Yes, after you return to your normal life, the combination of a healthy diet and sports in your life will allow you to maintain both your weight and the new shape of your body for a longer time.

    Generally speaking, no, as this is a large, long, and complicated procedure in and of itself. In general, another operation is not planned at the same time in order not to prolong the anesthesia period and for the health of the patient. If the general health status of the patient and the results of the examination allow, additional procedures that will not take too long time can be conducted.

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