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Breast Prosthesis
For Men

Operation Period
2-3 Hours
5 Days
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period

Breast Prosthesis For Men

Some men want breast prosthesis because they cannot achieve the pectoral muscle of their dreams even if they do sports, or because they can’t find time to do sports and work on their muscles. This procedure is an operation planned for men and as an extension of a gynecomastia.

Incisions are opened on the breast at the points predetermined during the examination and prostheses are placed, and the incision sites are closed.

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Ask The Doctor...

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    During your pre-operative exam, Dr. Ozsular first will listen to your complaints and expectations. Next he’ll inspect your physique, height, weight, body type, age, shoulder width, and waist circumference to determine a prosthesis range for you – of course keeping your expectations in mind. Next he’ll give you a preview of what your results may look like via photographs and simulation. Here, what’s important is that your prosthesis looks natural and matches your physique.

    Where to place the prosthesis is also of importance – in this procedure, this means its placement on either your sub-muscular or supra-muscular tissue. Your pectoral muscles, professional sports life, and age are important factors during decision-making process.

    If you’re already a professional sportsman and have sufficient breast tissue, then we prefer to place your prosthesis atop your muscle.

    If you have insufficient breast tissue, then we prefer sub-muscular placement.

    We mostly prefer sub-muscular placement since it tends to look more natural and hides your prosthesis better.

    Dr. Ozsular may tell you to temporarily stop using certain medications – in which case you should do so. If you take aspirin or any form of anticoagulant, tell Dr. Ozsular and continue only if he tells you to do so.

    Try to reduce how much salt you consume as well a few days before the surgery. This will reduce your risk of developing edema.

    You are allowed to eat as well as drink water until 00:00 (12 AM) the night before your surgery. Since the surgery will be conducted with general anesthesia, you will need to fast for at least six hours prior to the procedure. (If you forget to do so, your surgery may be postponed or canceled.)

    Don’t put on hair gel, spray, deodorant, and perfume.

    Don’t wear wigs. Don’t wear any jewelry (including piercings) – your body should be free of metal.

    Also, don’t forget to put together an overnight bag – including loose clothes (preferably with zippers/buttons), shoes, etc. – before you come in for the surgery. You also should wear comfortable sneakers.

    On the morning of the surgery, you will be taken to your room to rest while your final preparations for the surgery will be conducted. Dr. Ozsular and his assistant will come and visit you.

    After the administration of general anesthesia for your operation, your doctor begins the breast prosthesis operation as planned.

    After the surgery is over, the doctor will photograph you and administer local anesthesia and make your dressings. You will be put on a special corset and will be slowly awakened. Local anesthesia applications allow you to wake up comfortably, so you do not feel any pain.

    You may feel dizzy and drowsy for the first few hours after you wake up. About 3 - 4 hours after surgery, you’ll be able to start eating a warm and light soup.

    At the end of the surgery, you’ll have been placed into a special corset. Don’t take it off for the 6 to 8 days unless you have to take a shower. If you have a drain, it’ll be removed the following day. The surgery will be conducted with general anesthesia. You will have to stay in hospital overnight.

    During your stay in hospital afterwards, you’ll be administered strong analgesics or epidural anesthesia so that you don’t feel pain or any discomfort. Upon discharge, you’ll be prescribed analgesics for 2 or 3 more days to keep you feeling comfortable.

     You may develop slight ecchymosis or edema depending on how your body reacts to the trauma – this is normal and temporary.

    You’ll need to rest for the first five days. You may have trouble sitting, standing, and walking. You are not allowed to run or to lift anything heavy, and you must protect your new breast from any impact. Although it is an interesting and exciting process, you shouldn’t remove your corset either. You won’t be able to take a shower for the first two days after the surgery.

    Don’t forget to take your medications as they’ve been prescribed to you.

    Your first control will take place 3 to 5 days after the surgery.

    You’ll be able to go for slow walks, return to work, and return back to your normal life a week later – provide you avoid doing any heavy labor.

    You’ll need to wait two months to return to doing heavy sports (e.g. swimming, diving, skiing).

    You’ll need to continue wearing your special corset for another 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery.

    You must be 18 or older.

    Although there is no general age limit for this surgery, it is not recommended that you have it after 60.

    No. We use new generation prostheses; almost all of them last as long as you do, and come with a lifetime warranty as well.

    If you want to change your prostheses' size, you can have a second surgery later.

    Our patients frequently ask us this. They may want to correct other parts of their body esthetically all in one shot and wake up beautiful/handsome whilst still under anesthesia – especially if they’ve booked a week off to rest.

    In short, the answer is yes, you can have more than one surgery done at the time. However, Dr. Ozsular will examine you first and make decision based on your blood values, age, the overall condition of your health, and why you want more than one surgery at once.

    If he sees no problems, he may carry out more than one procedure.

    Yes, after the breast prosthesis is placed during the operation, fats taken from the abdomen, inner leg, and love-handle region via liposuction are accumulated in a closed and sterile environment, and then, they are purified by special processes. Then, they are transferred to the breast by using a sterile injector. Your transferred fat will be rich in stem cells, thus boosting tissue quality, vitality, and volume. 40 to 60% of that fat will remain in your body; the rest will melt away.

    This procedure is ideal for those who:

    • Have asymmetrical breasts
    • Want large volume breasts but can’t have/use large implants
    • Want to mask their prosthesis
    • Want more natural looking breasts with muscular, more chiseled tops.

    Better still, not only you will have breasts that look more natural, you’ll also lose your unwanted fat, too!

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