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(Body Shaping)

Operation Period
3-4 Hours
7 Days
Hospital Stay
1-2 Nights
Dressing Period
Thin tape 5 days
6 Weeks

What Is Liposuction (Body Shaping)?

Liposuction is a procedure that removes the fat from various parts of your body with a special cannula. It is definitely not a method of weight loss  – i.e. it won’t lose weight for you.  

Liposuction is done to ride you of unwanted fat on your abdomen, waist, back, hips, butt, neck, and/or legs. It is a form of body shaping.

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Ask The Doctor...

    Plastic Surgery Is Like Custom Tailoring You New Clothes.

    Surgeon Yavuz OZSULAR

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    Liposuction is a therapeutic procedure. It removes parts of your fat as well as adipose cells in the area being operated on, freeing you from a vicious cycle.

    In layman’s terms:

    If you exercise regularly and pay attention to your diet (healthy, balanced, and fit for your metabolism), you can somewhat prevent regional lipoidosis. However, when slight weight is gained, it is possible to gain weight in the area where you are prone to weight gain. For example, if you’re prone to gaining weight around your abdomen and waist, you’ll develop lipoidosis (an average increase of 1-2 kg in) mostly in these areas. Unless you work with a dietitian and exercise regularly, when you lose weight, you’ll also lose muscle mass and your belly will shrink somewhat. If that occurs multiple times, you’ll be at risk of developing regional lipoidosis.

    Unfortunately, we cannot prevent you from gaining weight gain so long as the amount of calories you consume exceeds the amount you burn. If you don’t want to gain weight again, you need to eat healthy and exercise.

    Liposuction isn’t an operation that can simply have done every year to remove your fat while eating whatever you want.

    If you gain or lose 2 to 3 kg, you won’t gain weight in the same region again due to liposuction (i.e. no fat accumulation in a single part of your body). – as your adipose cells will get removed with liposuction. Regional lipoidosis is caused by large amounts of these cells concentrated in that region. When those excess cells are removed, they’ll disseminate into the body in a balanced and proportional way, with minor fluctuations in weight gain/loss.

    We’ll custom shape your body and give it proportion.

    Liposuction can also give you a curvier waist, flatter abdomen, and better shaped legs with less hips.

    Even if you fall within an ideal weight range, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be satisfied with your physique. Someone who has a raised curvy butt may weigh the same as someone whose washbasin-like butt is pushed downwards. How much fat you have and where it is make a difference.

    Some people have resistant fat mass(es) accumulated in a single region of their body, i.e. they have regional lipoidosis.

    Others who lose say… 5 to 20 kg may still have bulging fat in certain areas that failed to shrink with the rest of their body because they didn’t exercise or seek professional help. 

    If you take hormone therapy drugs, you can also suffer from regional lipoidosis.

    In some patients, this need arises after giving birth.

    During your pre-operative examination, Dr. Ozsular will listen to your needs and expectations, examine your physique, age, and the condition of your overall heath to plan surgery for you, make drawings and inform you. He’ll also use photographs and simulation to give you a preview of what your results may look like. If he deems that new body type you desire won’t threaten your health in any way, then you’ll get the green light.

    Before undergoing the surgery, you need to be in full agreement as well as in full communication with your doctor. You need to be ready yourself both physically and psychologically and feel as comfortable/confident as possible.

    Before the operation, the blood values specified by Dr. Ozsular should be examined.

    It will be beneficial for you not to smoke for a while before and after the surgery, if possible.

    Also, Dr. Ozsular may tell you to temporarily stop using certain medications – in which case you should do so. If you take aspirin or any form of anticoagulant, tell Dr. Ozsular and continue only if he tells you to do so.

    Try to reduce how much salt you consume as well a few days before the surgery. This will reduce your risk of developing edema.

    You are allowed to eat as well as drink water until 00:00 (12 AM) the night before your surgery. Since the surgery is conducted with general anesthesia, you will need to fast for at least six hours prior to the procedure. (If you forget to do so, your surgery may be postponed or canceled.)

    Don’t wear any makeup, perfume, or deodorant.

    Don’t wear nail polish or enamel.

    Don’t wear wigs. Don’t wear any jewelry (including piercings included) – your body should be free of metal.

    Also, don’t forget to put together an overnight bag – including loose clothes (preferably with zippers/buttons)– before you come in for the surgery. You also should wear comfortable sneakers.

    On the morning of the surgery, you will be taken to your room to rest. Dr. Ozsular and his assistant will come and visit you.

    The surgery will start at the time specified. Since the surgery will be performed with general anesthesia, you will sleep and your doctor will begin to shape your body.

    The surgery will take 2 and 6 hours depending on the procedure.

    After the surgery is successfully completed, the doctor will dress you in a corset. When you wake up, you will not feel any pain as you will be under the effect of analgesics and local anesthetics.

    You may feel dizzy for the first few hours after the surgery– this is caused by the effects of anesthesia. This is normal and temporary.

    Dr. Ozsular and his assistant will visit you after the surgery to inform you how everything went and examine you.

    You’ll be able to eat a light soup 4 hours after the surgery.

    You’ll need to stay at the hospital overnight.

    A drain may be placed into you depending on the procedure. It will be removed from you the following day.

    Since liposuction requires small incisions, you won’t be in any debilitating pain enough to affect your daily routine or force you to lie down. If you experience mild pain, you can always take analgesics as prescribed by the doctor to make you feel more comfortable.

    Recovery process will be comfortable. You should spend your first five days after the surgery by resting, taking little walks, and avoiding heavy labor. You won’t need long-term bed rest. However, don’t do anything that will strain your body.

    Do not remove your corset till your first control (3 – 5 days after the surgery). It is normal to experience slight bleeding during the first 2 to 3 days (light pink leakage).

    You can begin taking warm and brief showers two days after the surgery.

    Slight ecchymosis and swelling are both normal after the surgery. They will disappear within 1 to 2 weeks.

    You can return to work so long as you don’t do anything to strain your body 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery.

    You’ll be able to do light exercise 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery, and do vigorous exercise/sports two months later.

    In the end, many of our patients are glad that they went through with this surgery because they either got a flatter abdomen or a better-shaped, higher butt.

    Although rare, you may develop coagulation in your legs after the surgery. We have you wear leg corsets and compression socks as you sleep, which will minimize possible coagulation.

    The main purpose of liposuction is to remove excess fat and resistant adipose cells from your body. This is accomplished using special cannulas. The amount of adipose cells in the liposuction area is reduced.

    Liposuction will give you a curvier waist, flatter abdomen, and/or more shaped hips.

    Liposuction can be done on your legs, hips, abdomen, arms, waist, back, breasts, or jowl – sometimes on one area only, sometimes on multiple areas at once.

    The procedure is not applied if you are overweight and have an above-average body mass index. It isn’t a weight loss method. You should only have it done when you reach your desired weight through diet and exercise.

    You also shouldn’t have it done if you or any first-degree relative of yours have had a history of embolism.

    In the past, it was done only on disproportionate bodies. Now, people’s sense of bodily esthetic has changed, which means that many have fat removed from every part of their body with minor operations. Now, doctors can slim your whole body down proportionally – on the conditions that you aren’t overweight or at least have a body that is resistant to weight loss, and you want a curvier, more sculpted torso.

    Liposuction isn’t a weight loss method if you are overweight

    Unfortunately, we cannot prevent you from gaining weight gain so long as the amount of calories you consume exceeds the amount you burn. If you don’t want to gain weight again, you need to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

    Liposuction isn’t something that can simply have done every year to remove your fat while eating whatever you want.

    Liposuction is popular because it provides fast results compared diet and exercise when you want to rid yourself of fat. It also is comfortable and enhances your long-term quality of life. However, it is still so substitute for a strict diet and exercise to achieve the body you want. Nevertheless, liposuction effects will last a long time so long as you don’t regain large amounts of weight.

    Of course, a healthy diet and exercise are very important for our health. It isn’t something that you should have done continuously either. After the surgery, you still need to eat healthy and be physically active.

    Yes, we can transfer your unwanted fat elsewhere, but we have to process and purify it in an air-tight closed system first. We will use it for body shaping. It is the procedure of choice for many.

    We can use fat extracted from your abdomen and hips to shape those hips again,  add volume to your breasts, make your face fuller and more defined, feed your face stem cells, make you look younger, fill your under-eye pits, reduce dark circles under your eyes, and smooth out wrinkles around your eyes. These re-transferred adipose cells contain stem cells. It makes your face look younger when processed and applied correctly. It can also be used in penis enlargement, vagina rejuvenation, and hair transplant operations.

    Liposuction will rid you of unwanted fat, and upon transfer to other parts of your body, it will offer you many added benefits while satisfying your needs. Better still, no foreign matter will enter your body; only your own fat will be used.

    Yes, it can. To accomplish this, we’ll make drawings of your desired abdomen and then bring your muscles forward so that you look more toned.

    Yes, it will. We use 3 – 4 mm liposuction cannulas, which require us to make half-centimeter incisions in your body. However, we do this along your body folds such as your navel, armpits, or bikini line – i.e. places hidden from plain sight. The scars left are small and fade over time.

    If you have both abdominoplasty and liposuction done at the same time, you’ll have more prominent scarring. Nevertheless, we try to hide them as much as possible under your underwear/bikini lines. The size of your surgery, your quality of life, your skin quality, whether you smoke or not, and whether you eat a healthy diet will all dictate the severity of the scars.

    We can perform revision liposuction on you if undesirable results occur (e.g. collapses, disproportionality). We can also do it on you if you (unwantingly) gain weight.

    How much fat we are able to extract from you at once depends on your age, body, health, and physique. Generally, we remove 2000 - 7000 cc of fat in a single session.

    If we know that your skin will sag beforehand, we’ll inform you so, then plan and conduct your surgery according to prevent it from occurring. We use special devices (argon plasma and j plasma) to achieve this. If necessary, we may even stretch your skin and do liposuction at the same time.

    We can conduct skin stretching and liposuction simultaneously to give you a more striking and satisfying look.

    Male and female alike, you can have both surgeries done at once if:

    • You’ve got postpartum skin sagging
    • You’ve got fat around your belly area
    • You’ve lost a large amount of weight
    • You’ve experienced loosening and sagging of the skin
    • You still have regional lipoidosis
    • Your skin has sagged due to fat deposits caused by frequent weight loss/gain, poor diet, and your genetics.

    Argon and J plasma are both used alongside liposuction surgery to tighten your skin by affecting your collagen and dermis layers. It enables your skin to adapt better after fat has been removed from it.

    Liposuction removes fat cells from your body via cannula.  Laser lipolysis burns away fat beneath your skin using heat. In the latter, the fat doesn’t get removed; rather it then gets excreted via your urine.

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