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360 Liposuction

Operation Period
2-3 Hours
7 Days
Hospital Stay
1-2 Nights
Dressing Period
Thin tape 5 days
6 Weeks

360 Liposuction

Lipoidosis is part of our genetic heritage as humans.  Much of that is resistant to diet and exercise. For some people, it accumulates in a single area only. For others, it accumulates all over the body and prevents you from having a fit and beautiful form.

Some of us may be even farther from owning a great dream body due to age, loose fat structure, irregular fat deposits, lack of elastic skin, lack of diet and exercise in professional terms, leading busy lives, and – above all – genetics.

The best way to take care of your body is through diet and exercise. However, when neither are enough, then you may need liposuction to remove those adipose cells that just don’t want to go away.

360 liposuction deals with the body from 3 dimensions. In other words, it aims to make your body look curvier and fitter by dealing with your waist, abdomen, and back (i.e. your body in 360 degrees) all in one rather than focusing on regional lipoidosis alone. Treating you in 3D will shape your body to the max!

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Ask The Doctor...

    Dr. Yavuz Ozsular’s Own Thoughts On Liposuction

    Trend and fashion affects body shape (albeit temporarily). It is a topic that all of us need to examine more critically because it can have a negative impact on younger people. For example, up until 5 or 10 years ago, the fashion world deemed it acceptable to be a size 0, look weak, and have next to no bodily lines. Now having an incredibly large body alongside disproportionate and asymmetrical hips is the norm. This trend may shift again five years from now and alter how we visually perceive ourselves. Ten years ago, many younger people battled with anorexia –that movement wasn’t right. Now they are dealing with oversized thighs – and that isn’t right either.

     Fashion is meant to inspire. Plastic surgeries are only successful when they respect your body and your health. Just like other plastic procedures, liposuction should be also handled and designed on an individual basis.

    If you go for plastic surgery, it should be beautiful beyond time and fashion.

    360 Liposuction treats and sculpts your whole body (not just one area) – your upper abdomen, lower abdomen, groin, love handle, and middle and lower back.

    To make an analogy, you’ll come in wearing large sized clothes, and leave wearing medium sized ones. In other words, you’ll be slimmer and more proportionate.

    The procedure will trim and reshape your body whilst adhering to its own natural proportion and shape.

    360 liposuction is an all-in-one package and will:

    • Remove your fat
    • Give you a thinner and more curvy waist in proportion to your body (if you’re a woman)
    • Give you a thinner and tighter waist that will show off your pectoral muscles and shoulders (if you’re a man)
    • Give you curvier and more feminine lines from your back to your hips along your waist (women)
    • Rid your waist and back of excess fat, thus allowing you to wear tighter shirts on your newly tighter body (men)
    • Give you a flatter and more aesthetic abdomen (women)
    • Give you a more masculine and flatter abdomen (men)
    • Removes (the sight of) flab beneath your bra-line (women)
    • Remove (the sight of) your fat back that causes ugly folds when you wear clothes (men)

    Moreover, there are:

    • No large incisions. Only small 1 cm scars will remain around your undergarment area. You’ll hardly be able to tell from afar that you even had surgery!

    It is very difficult – if not impossible – for any of us to maintain a consistent weight if we don’t exercise and diet (especially if it involves counting everything you eat down to the last calorie!) Moreover, people tend to splurge once in a while, thus their weight may fluctuate by 1 to 4 kg each year. You may gain or lose that weight without even noticing it. In such weight gains, you will not see big differences in the fat area and you will gain weight mostly in other regions.

    If you gain over 5 kg, then your physical appearance will change – and not for the better! You may not gain weight where you had your liposuction, but if you gain it in other areas, your body will look out of proportion

    Liposuction is a body shaping method. Gaining weight and then having your body reshaped multiple times over without paying attention is not right for your health, and not right surgically either. Therefore, it is up to you to take care of your new body after liposuction.

    No, it won’t. Fat gives vitality to subcutaneous tissue, contains stem cells, and can make your skin more flexible and vivid. Thus, we purify and inject it into your face and other parts of your body. However, while having certain amount of fat is healthy, too much fat will harm your body image.

    This is what makes liposuction more than just a procedure to remove your fat. It takes competence and experience on the liposuction’s part to remove excess fat under the skin, leave behind a sufficient amount, and monitor it so that your skin  looks smooth and doesn’t fluctuate.

    Liposuction procedures are dominated by competence and experience. They not only remove your fat but also sculpt your body.

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