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Full Abdominoplasty

Operation Period
2-3 hours
15 Days
Hospital Stay
2-3 Nights
Dressing Period
10 Days
4 Weeks

Full Abdominoplasty

If you suffer from excess skin, sagging, or severe deformation around your abdomen area, or you have also sagging above the umbilicus, then you need a full abdominoplasty. Liposuction will be also planned for more effective and successful results.

Dr. Ozsular will first examine you to decide whether you need a full or mini abdominoplasty. The difference between these two procedures lies in the degree and place of deformation in your abdomen.

This procedure is conducted under general anesthesia. First, your skin will be cut from your abdomen (staying inside the underwear). Next, the muscles under your abdominal skin will be repaired and converged to create an intermuscular integrity. Then, your abdominal skin will be brought up to the area beneath your breast, and your umbilicus will be reshaped. Any excess fat will be taken via liposuction to give your abdomen a flat look. Last, your abdomen will be sutured and closed in the same place it was first cut open, and a corset will be put on you.

Abdominoplasty are meant to make your abdominal area look more esthetic.

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Ask The Doctor...

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    If you’ve had bariatric surgery before or have lost a huge amount of weight as a result of diet, your abdomen may appear deformed and saggy. A full abdominoplasty will smooth out this.

    Frequent weight gain/loss and having a naturally loose skin can also deform your abdominal area.

    The same goes for extreme regional lipoidosis. An accumulation of weight can cause your abdomen to permanently sag.

    Weight gain during pregnancy, twin/triplet pregnancies, and shock diets after pregnancy can considerably deform or sag your abdomen, and even cause rectus diastasis. A full abdominoplasty can treat all of these, too!

    Anyone over age 18 who has no obstacles for the operation, and has a deformed abdomen enough for this operation can benefit from this surgery.

    Full abdominoplasty will:

    • Give you a tighter and more voluminous abdomen by repairing its muscles and also compact and organize your internal organs.
    • Free your abdomen of excess skin (a burden on both your waist and body).
    • Reshape the position, size, and proportion of your umbilicus if sagged, enlarged, and/or distorted.
    • Make your abdomen smoother. Makes your waist curvier (if you’re a woman.) Having more feminine lines will give you self-confidence and the freedom to wear whatever you want.
    • (For men) – Give you a more chiseled/muscular abdominal and waist line. If you do sports, you’ll gain even more muscle, thus enhancing your results all the better!

    Improve your skin quality in and around your lower abdomen by removing deformities.

    During your pre-operative exam, Dr. Ozsular first will listen to any complaints, expectations, and concerns you have about the surgery and will determine you need. Keys to planning this surgery are how much excess skin you have, how strong your abdominal muscles, where your deformations are and how many you have, and how old you are. After the doctor decides upon you having an abdominoplasty, he’ll make drawings of that area – whilst taking your age, weight, height, waist thickness and excess skin amount into consideration – to give you a preview of what the results may look like. Next, he’ll requests specific examinations and analyses.

    Before you undergo this procedure, you need to be in full agreement as well as in full communication with your doctor. You have to prepare yourself both physically and psychologically so that you are comfortable and ready to move onto the next step.

    You’ll need to have x-rays taken and blood values checked beforehand.

    If you smoke, quit before surgery if possible. Don’t forget to notify Dr. Ozsular of all medications you are currently using. If he orders you to stop taking them for a certain period, you then do so.

    Try to reduce how much salt you consume as well a few days before the surgery. This will reduce your risk of developing edema.

    You are allowed to eat as well as drink water until 00:00 (12 AM) the night before your surgery. Since you will be under general anesthesia, you will need to fast for at least six hours prior to the procedure. (If you forget to do so, your surgery may be postponed or canceled.)

    Don’t put on make-up.

    Don’t wear nail polish or enamel.

    Don’t wear wigs. Don’t wear any jewelry (including piercings) – your body should be free of metal.

    Also, don’t forget to put together an overnight bag – including loose clothes (preferably with zippers/buttons)– before you come in for the surgery. You also should wear comfortable sneakers.

    On the morning of the surgery, you will be taken to your room. Dr. Ozsular and his assistant will come and visit you.

    Your surgery will commence at the time specified. You’ll be under general anesthesia during the whole procedure and therefore won’t be aware of anything whilst the doctor is working on you.

    First, excess skin in your abdomen area will be cut away and removed in a calculated and planned manner to shape your new umbilicus. Next, if your muscles are damaged and loose, then they’ll be repaired as well. Then, your skin will be closed with thin sutures. If liposuction is also planned in the same surgery, a fair amount of fat is removed.

    Towards the end of surgery, drains will be placed into you, then your dressings will be done and your corsets and compression socks will be put on you.

    Last, local anesthesia is applied to your abdominal and waist area so that you won’t feel any pain when you wake up.

    Once everything is complete, your anesthesiologist will wake you up.

    You may feel dizzy for the first few hours after surgery upon return to your room – this is caused by the effects of anesthesia.

    We will also apply the epidural anesthesia to you after full abdominoplasty surgeries so that you feel comfortable during your first two days after surgery (the most painful period).

    Your drains will be removed between days two and four after the surgery.

    For the first week after the surgery, you’ll take analgesics so that you experience as little pain as possible. Your pain will gradually alleviate one to two weeks later – upon which you’ll be able to return back to your normal life provided you don’t do any heavy labor.

    After you have abdominoplasty, we will monitor you closely for pain control and to see how you’re recovering.

    Full abdominoplasty tends to be more painful and troublesome than other forms of plastic surgery, and require a longer resting period afterwards.

    The procedure will take between 2 and 3 hours. You’ll be able to wear tight clothes again, show off your new body, and enjoy your new tummy two to three  weeks after the surgery – provided you get plenty of rest.

    Your first control will take place 3 to 5 days after surgery. Your dressings and corset will be changed as well.  

    Your second control will take place 10 to 14 days after the first one.

    International patients and those from outside Istanbul should allocate 10 to 14 days in Istanbul for their surgery and controls.

    During mini abdominoplasty, your excess skin is removed from your lower abdominal area. If required, your muscles in that area get repaired as well. Mini abdominoplasty is a minimal operation than its full counterpart. It is ideal for those who suffer from mild abdominal deformation.

    Full abdominoplasty also reshapes your umbilicus and stretches your whole abdomen. It’s a much more complicated procedure and ideal for those who suffer from larger/serve abdominal deformation.

    Yes, but they’ll be right where your underwear and swimsuits covers– and thus won’t be visible to anyone. If you had larger sagging, then your scars will wrap around your sides. If the latter is the case (especially upon losing excessive weight), then you may be eligible for 3600 surgery.

    How quickly your scars recover depends both on your genetics and how well you live after the surgery.

     Some people develop no scars at all when healing. Others develop very visible scars; again, in others scars may swell and then heal although rare. Anti-scar creams will help your scars heal better.

    Yes, it will look tighter and more dynamic since your abdominal wall and muscles will be repaired during surgery. That said, the best way to make it look even more muscular is exercising – after you’ve healed.

    Note: no plastic surgery will give you strong abdominal muscles. They can only make your existing muscles stand out further after the fat around them has been taken via liposuction, or after excess skin has been removed via abdominoplasty (during which your muscles and tissues will be repaired).

    If you want your abdomen to look extra muscular and strong, then you need to do exercises that will strengthen your abdominal muscles. You’ll need to do for Dr. Ozsular’s approval after surgery, of course.

    Yes, if your first surgery was unsuccessful and didn’t yield the anticipated results. That said, you cannot have a second surgery until at least one full year after your first one.

    You may need a mini abdominoplasty following an unplanned pregnancy. In such cases, second surgery can be planned after your breast feeding period is over.

    Yes, liposuction and full abdominoplasty can be done at the same time if you want more striking results and a flatter abdomen.

    A full abdominoplasty operation will give you tighter and flatter lower abdomen. Hence, if you get pregnant, you risk undoing that and deforming your skin.

    If you’re married and planning on getting pregnant, then you postpone undergoing surgery until you’ve had your baby. Only then can you benefit from the full effects of mini or full abdominoplasty.

    If you’re not married or planning on getting married or pregnant in the near future, then you can go ahead and undergo an abdominoplasty.

    Yes they are – that is, if you don’t gain or lose large amounts of weight afterwards. Otherwise, you’ll never experience skin sagging again.

    You’ll be able to maintain a smooth and tight after surgery if you exercise, hike, and swim.

    Full abdominoplasty plus liposuction will remove excess skin and some amount of fat, causing you to lose some weight and look different. That loss is between 2 and 8 kg, and thus is minimal at best. This surgery aims only to shape your body.

    For full abdominoplasty, your age, health status, and the length of the procedure are important.

    Post-bariatric abdominoplasty operation is mostly applied solely. Minor local operations can be included in the operation process.

    If you want to undergo the surgery after pregnancy, then Dr. Ozsular will need to assess your overall health first.

    Otherwise, if there is no obstacle in your health status and the surgeries can be combined, Dr. Ozsular may include this operation in the surgical plan.

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