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Brow Thread Lift

Operation Period
30 min - 1 Hour
5 Days
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period
Thin tape 3 Days

Brow Thread Lift

Eyebrow thread lift constitutes a myriad of different threads and techniques, each offering different degrees of permanence and effects.

Some threads are permanent; others are not. Depending on the preferred thread type, the duration of the procedure also varies.

There are two types of permanent threads: prolene and French lift polyester. Both will last between 5 and 10 years.

PDO threads are mostly dissolvable. However, they only last between 1 and 2 years – depending on the technology and type.

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Ask The Doctor...

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    Anyone – male or female – over 18 can have this procedure done. The age threshold begins at 30s – for aesthetic and rejuvenation purposes.

    Plastic surgery features an array of procedures to rejuvenate and beautify you. Thus, it is best to have accurately the right combination of procedures done at the right time. You therefore need to maintain good dialogue with Dr. Ozsular at all times and be open with him about your expectations.

    During the examination, he first will listen to your complaints and expectations. Next, he’ll asses your age, facial structure, how much sagging you have, and how thick you skin is, and then figure out and plan the right treatment option is for you.

    If you take aspirin or any form of anticoagulant, certainly tell Dr. Ozsular and continue only if he tells you to do so.

    Try to reduce how much salt you consume as well a few days before the surgery. This will reduce your risk of developing edema.

    All eyebrow lift procedures are done under local anesthesia. Thus:

    • You are allowed to come to hospital on a full stomach before the surgery
    • You shouldn’t be wearing anything containing metal (e.g. rings, necklaces, earrings, piercings)
    • You won’t require any detailed preparation
    • You shouldn’t wear any wigs or hair gel

    You’ll need to arrive at hospital at least half an hour before the surgery.

    The doctor will begin the surgery as soon as you’re placed under anesthesia.

    After the surgery is over, the doctor will photograph your face and tape the area. You won’t feel any pain afterwards because you’ll still be under the effects of local anesthesia.

    You won’t feel any pain afterwards due to the effects of local anesthesia.

    It is normal for your face to feel slight tight.

    You can take mild analgesics for the first days after the surgery to keep you comfortable.

    You will develop swelling and edema 2 to 3 hours after the surgery – this is normal, and will subside three days later. To relieve the process, you can apply a cold compress on your face (as prescribed by the doctor). You may develop ecchymosis – it will depend on the nature of your skin and how it responds to trauma.

    You can go home on the same day. You won’t need to stay overnight in hospital.

    You should not do any heavy work for the first few days after surgery. You can, however, take little walks, sunbathe (keeping your head in the shade), and return to your normal routine.

    Until your thin tapes are removed, you should only lightly wash your face and body with warm water.

    Your (first) control will take place 4 to 7 days after the surgery.

    If you want your swelling to heal faster, you should keep your head up.

    You return to your normal life 7 to 10 days after the surgery.

    You can start wearing contact lenses again 1 week after the surgery.

    Avoid having other procedures done to your face for at least 15 days after surgery.

    Avoid moving your eyebrows and face excessively for the first 10 days.

    When your results kick in and how permanent they are will depend on the threads applied, the permanence period of the threads, and the lift technique.

    Since this procedure is done using various cannulas from small insertion sites, you won’t experience any scarring.

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