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Total Body Shaping

Operation Period
3-4 Hours
7 Days
Hospital Stay
1-2 Nights
Dressing Period
Thin tape 5 days
6 Weeks

Total Body Reshaping

Total body shaping rids you of excess fat from your abdomen, love handle, back, butt, hips, and inner thigh and then transplants that fat elsewhere in your body (if necessary) to correct sagging and give your body more curves and lines.

It is ideal for those who already fall within an ideal weight range and want to look more esthetic and have a more proportionate body.

While this procedure is a form of liposuction, its ultimate goal isn’t to only eliminate your excess fat. Your fat will get filtered and purified through a closed system in order to generate stem cell-enriched fat, and then transplant it into other parts of your body to give it new folds and proportions.

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Ask The Doctor...

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    Total body shaping is another version of 360 body shaping – and includes your hips, inner legs, butt, and calves. Here, your body is viewed as a whole entity, and thus sculpted accordingly.

    Your body is a curvy and proportional whole – not just from single angle or in a single region.

    Total body shaping will:

    • Shape your whole body and give it proportion
    • Slim your waistline (where you get trimmed depends on your gender)
    • Give you a flatter and more chiseled abdomen.
    • Give you a more balanced waist-hip transition – because your love handle would reduce. If you’re a woman, you’ll have curvier and more feminine lines. If you’re a man, your love handle would reduce and your shoulders will look broader/more pronounced.
    • Give you more rounded and upturned hips – and no more enlarged hips (women).
    • Remove the fat around your hips and give them lines that are more masculine (men).
    • Rid your inner thighs of excess fat – regardless of your gender and treat overlapping fat and makes your legs look straighter and more dynamic.
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