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Migraine Botox

Anesthetic Cream
Operation Period
30 min
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period

Migraine Botox

Unfortunately, migraine pain seriously restricts the life of the patients and causes them to take a large quantity of drugs.

Botox for migraine is mostly beneficial for the patients who suffer from tension-type headache from the nape, temples, neck region, and back side of the head.

Botox is injected to a total of 31 sites on the neck, nape, forehead, back side of the head, and specific areas between the shoulders and the neck. It reduces the over-tension of the muscles in the said region. Migraine pain is alleviated when the tension of the muscles decreases.

It is crucial to state that: Migraine botox has no feature to treat migraine. It does not eliminate migraine permanently. Migraine botox is done for preventive purposes. It reduces the number, severity, and duration of migraine attacks.

Patients, who have had this application done, have expressed that the amount of analgesics they had used has decreased significantly, the frequency of pain attacks has decreased, and they feel much more comfortable than before.

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