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Massater Botox

Anesthetic cream
Operation Period
10 min
Hospital Stay
Dressing Period

Masseter (Chewing Muscle) Botox

Masseter botox contributes aesthetically as it brings a more oval and slimmer jawline; however, its main purpose is to treat the teeth grinding.

The masseter muscles on both sides of the jaw become excessively strong.  This in turn causes you to develop bruxism, gnashing of the teeth, an easy-to-observe, large and angular appearance (due to your muscles forming a bump in your jaw,) poor sleep, and headaches.  

Dose to be applied in masseter botox is determined according to the needs. It is applied to 3 points on both sides of the jaw. It takes 5 minutes to complete this process. Its effect lasts for 6 months. Since muscle memory develops in recurrent applications, its action time is prolonged.

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