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Facial Botox

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Why Should I Have Botox On My Face And At What Age?

People tend to receive their first Botox treatment in their late 20s and early 30s. We do not recommend botox at early ages if there are no serious wrinkles or deformations on the face.


Baby Botox treatment is always carried out in small doses for preventative purposes. People most often get it when they begin to develop fine wrinkles. Baby Botox does not block the muscle completely. Rather, it prevents fine lines from forming by restricting the movement of the muscles that cause the wrinkles in the first place. It is generally done on people between 25 and 35 years of age. It deepens their lines and prevents wrinkles without freezing their facial expressions. Baby Botox is effective for about six months. When applied regularly, one can have it repeated once a year.


Interventional Botox is carried out on people between 35 and 45 years of age, for – as the name suggests – interventional purposes. If you want people to compliment you when you tell them how old you really are because of your flawless skin and vibrant face, then Interventional Botox is just what you need! Amount of botox to be administered changes based on the needs of the person. In case you’ve already had Baby Botox done to you for your fine wrinkles, then Interventional Botox will target your more superficial lines. Interventional Botox is effective for about six months. If applied regularly, your muscle memory and muscular contractions adapts to it and it can last for up to a year.


Medical Botox is applied to people over 45 for medical reasons. The results are more effective and long lasting in the presence of accompanying interventions as well.

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Ask The Doctor...

    Don’t rub your face after the application. Don’t wash your face with warm water. Swelling and ecchymosis are not expected to develop after the application. If possible, sleep with a pillow on the first day. If you follow all of the above, then you should be able to return back to your normal without any problems.

    Botox is applied by using very thin and special needle tips and injectors. That said, you still will feel some pain afterwards. Patients often tell us that they feel very mild yet immediate pain that resembles a mosquito bite. Most of the patients state that they did not need local anesthetics when undergoing the procedure. Of course, the pain threshold varies from people to people and local anesthetic creams are used on patients who are more sensitive to pain.

    The purpose of having a post-operative checkup is to see whether or not your botox fits properly and how its symmetry is. We will ask you to visit us ten days after you’ve had your procedure. Small corrections and changes may be made during this second session.

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